Handles, Locks and Hinges

Repairs for Handles, Locks and Hinges For Elldens Double Glazing Repairs no job is too small or too big. We offer a full repair service to upvc, timber or aluminium frames.

New handles can be installed to your existing frames whether they are broken or just a bit tired and worn. If you want to change the appearance of your windows and doors with a more modern handle or a different finish, we have dozens of handles to choose from in brown, white and chrome.

Draughty windows can easily be cured, usually with replacement hinges or seals. If you are having problems opening or closing your doors, you do not need a new door, just a simple adjustment will return your door to its original working condition.

Security upgrades: we can upgrade the locks on your existing windows and doors.

Contact Elldens Double Glazing Repairs to discuss the problems with your handles and locks and for a free no obligation quote.

Secure By Design

Secured By Design The official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime. ' Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

See www.securedbydesign.com for more information.